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Germana Torres

“I love making honey wax, waxing my clients and providing the best service

with the most entertaining and comfortable atmosphere possible.”

Germana has come to us all the way from Fortaleza, Brazil, a small town just north of Rio de Janeiro. Growing up on a ranch that held and bred the wilds of Brazil, Germana became enamored by her father’s bee farm. She began to experiment with the honey from the bee farm and began creating 100% Pure Honey Wax.

Since 2000 she has been making (h
erself) the best wax ever, made with only HONEY!

No petrolium wax, no chemicals or artificial additives, only HONEY!

Coupling her Business Degree from the University of Brazil (Minor in Art) with her innate entrepreneurial spirit, Germana perfected her recipe and perfected her art as a body waxing artist. Her business and reputation grew quickly, and Germana knew it was time to take her product and services to the next level. Ever the adventurer, Germana took the opportunity to build her business in the wilds of Los Angeles. She strongly believes that waxing is a service that should be performed by a professional that understands skin and loves to wax.In the short time Germana has lived in L.A. she has managed to grow an impressive private clientele as well as a reputation as a meticulous and professional body waxing artist.

She came to fill a void of good, clean, licensed waxers here in L.A.

Her method is near painless and her hand and eye is the perfect balance

between artistic and technical.

She strives for perfection. Germana loves that her clients can feel safe and confident with the knowlegde that she is a licensed Esthetician. Educated and an expert about wax and waxing and that she is from from Brazil!

From the moment you meet Germana, you know you are not only in good hands, but that she truly cares, much like a close friend, and does not take your patronage for granted. She and her entire team only use honey wax, and she insists that this proprietary blend is not only the best wax in the business, but significantly reduces any discomfort or irritation typically associated with the use of other inferior products.

Germana and her team only uses her small-batch of custom-made honey wax made from wild honey bees. We are certain you will find her technique flawless and her honey wax the finest, highest quality in the business! She only does waxing and does it because she loves it!!


Andie Gomes 

Andie is a Licensed Esthetician who was also born in Brazil. Prior to conquering her Esthetician License, she earned a Bachelor of Laws in Brazil. She soon decided to come to California and join  her cousin Germana  her team at Honey Waxing Brentwood.

As much as she loves her career as a Lawyer, she also found herself in the beauty industry by providing people a better version of themselves. Using the same technique  as Germana she became an experienced and successful waxer who doesn’t simply provide waxing services but who makes sure our clients stay as comfortable as possible during the appointment and leave as satisfied as possible when the service is done. 

Andie prides herself on being professional, personal, understanding and flexible. 

She really goes the extra mile, and strive to find ways to accommodate each client's schedule, even when time does not permit.

We're so glad to have Andie as part of our Honey Waxing team!!


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