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How to look and feel Young... HoneyTips

At Honey Waxing Brentwood  we care beynond our usual business..

so here are some tips for better younger look ..

1. Eat Organic Whenever Possible. I know, I know, I’m the Fogo de Chao addict, but we truly are what we eat, and the more I learn about food, the more I realize how high quality food is directly related to aging. When in doubt, organic is always better.


2. Moisturize Your Face, Neck & Hands Every Day. I am a moisturizer fanatic. I put moisturizer on four or five times a day. Make sure to use a moisturizer that contains SPF. Have you ever noticed those people that have a young looking face but old looking neck and hands? Yep, there is more to moisturize than just your face, don’t forget!


3. Drink a Ton of Water. Just drink as much as you can. I try to drink 2 liters each day. Learn to love drinking water; it is so good for your skin and your overall health. You’ll definitely look and feel a lot younger when you start drinking water. You’ll lose weight too!


4. Get Your Vitamin C. Supposedly 75 mg. of vitamin C each day keeps the wrinkles away. That is the amount of vitamin C found in a grapefruit or two medium sized oranges.


5. Wear a Young Smelling Fragrance. Have you ever noticed that some fragrances smell younger than others? It’s true. Studies show that people that wear younger smelling fragrances are actually perceived as being younger. For example, I love Coco Chanel but it has an older smell to it, so during the day I usually wear Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue because it smells so much younger to me.


6. Whiten Your Teeth. Erasing the signs of coffee and tea from your teeth will definitely give you a more youthful look. You don’t have to go to the dentist to do this; you can pick up some Crest Whitestrips at the drug store.


7. Wear V-neck Shirts and Sweaters. This is a trick that every cosmo girl knows. V-necks will always make you look younger and thinner. I have about 20 of them. Haha!


8. Wear Lip Gloss Instead of Lipstick. Lip gloss will give your whole face a youthful glow. Try skipping the lipstick and just wear lip gloss instead. You know what they say, “You can’t ever put on too much lip gloss!” I’m a big fan of lip plumper too.


9. Reduce Stress. Stress is one of those things that will age you in a hurry! Learn some relaxation techniques even if it means just learning how to take deep breaths throughout the day. This is an important step not to be overlooked.


10. Stay Away From Sugar. I’ve been studying the effects of sugar on our body for about a year, and I’ll just say that it is bad for us on so many different levels. If you research this, you’ll find that sugar can actually cause wrinkles. There is a whole process here that is quite nasty. I very rarely ever eat sugar since I’ve learned about this.


11. Fit Exercise/Yoga Into Your Schedule Every Day. I know, I know.. I hate it too, but it’s a necessary evil. Need some exercise motivation? Read this: How To: Get Motivated to Exercise


12. Get Plenty of Sleep. Lately, for me, sleep has become a luxury that I haven’t been able to indulge in much, but I know it is important. When we sleep, our cells are renewed and our skin actually heals itself. Sleeping is such a healthy activity, and we should all get plenty of it.


13. Update Your Hairstyle. Ouch. I need to do this badly. I’ve had long hair ever since I can remember. I read that getting bangs instantly takes 5 years off your appearance. I’m making my appointment right now...I think, I am..


14. Wear Light Colors. Supposedly wearing light colors makes us look younger; however, we all know that wearing dark colors makes us look thinner. I guess with this tip we have to choose, do we want to look young or thin? Hmm…


15. Improve Your Posture. It’s a known fact that hunched shoulders add age to everyone. Stand up straight, shoulders back, head up.


16. Remember Your Manicures and Pedicures! I can’t live without my manicures and pedicures. A professional manicure on both fingers and toes feels like heaven to me. These little details will definitely make you look and feel younger and more beautiful.


17. Drink a Glass of Red Wine. Red wine is rich in antioxidants which will prevent free radicals from damaging your skin cells. According to Dr. Oz, only have one glass each day, not much more!


18. Maintain Your Eyebrows. Ladies, this is a trick that I recently learned: If you fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and be sure not to over pluck them, you will look younger. It is amazing how much of the age in our face is related to our eyebrows.


19. Skip a Meal Each Day or Fast One Day a Week. This is a simple way to cut down on calories without even really noticing it. If you cut down on calories, you will lose weight. Losing weight means you’ll look younger!


20. Have a Positive Attitude and Smile! This is my favorite one of all. In my opinion, having a positive attitude can cure so many different ailments in life. A simple smile relaxes the muscles in your face and makes those around you feel at ease. You’ve heard the phrase, “grumpy old man.” It’s true that as people get older, they tend to smile less. Having a positive outlook on life and smiling will keep you young!



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