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Honey Waxing Brentwood specializes in all facets of body waxing

Germana, Andrea and Fernanda are fully licensed and had been professionally providing waxing services for over 10 years !

They only use ORGANIC and hypoallergenic HONEY WAX

made from 100 percent Pure honey.


At Honey Waxing we never double dip. 

We never put a used spatula back into the Wax Jar.

We always use individually Sanitized glass bowl containing the proper amount of honey wax just for You!

In doing so , you can rest assured that a fresh batch of Honey Wax has been allocated to YOUR service , and Your service Only!

Theres never a health risk when experiencing any service at Honey Waxing , and thats because you will always have your Own bowl of fresh Honey Wax.


By working with superior specifically organic and hand made honey wax, each and every service creates an experience that is

as near pain free as one can ever expect !!



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